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About Susi...

Susigames is an independent game art label founded in 2003, currently working as associated artists at ZKM, Germany. Susigames consists of 5 people from different disciplines including media arts, illustration, robotics and computer graphics. Their current aim is to research alternative, artistic approaches to well-known video game standards and cross boarders, such as:
- game installations
- real world player integration
- interface design
- realtime & realworld simulations


2011/04FILE GAMES Festival, Rio de Janeiro, br EdgeBomber
2010/11DMMK@Create10, Stuttgart, de EdgeBomber
2009/10IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM, Karlsruhe, de StickiesWorld 2
2009/06AMAZE, Berlin, de SusiCresses
2009/03Uncharted, Santraistanbul, Istanbul, tr Edgebomber, SUSIPONG
2009/01Techfest, Bombay, in Edgebomber
2008/10Mindtrek, Tampere, fi SusiVaders 360
2008/09Play It, Kunstklub - Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, deEdgeBomber, SusiCresses
2008/04Next No. 5: Mindblowers, Arhus, dkEdgeBomber
2007/11STRP.NL, Eindhoven, nlEdgeBomber
2007/10Besucherfest, ZKM - Center for art and media, Karlsruhe, deSusicarts, SusiVaders 360
2007/10YOU, ZKM - Center for art and media, Karlsruhe, deEdgeBomber, SUSIPONG
2007/09Festival Emergences, Paris, frSUSIPONG
2007/09Ososphere Strasbourg, frSUSIPONG
2007/09WIRED - NextFest, Los Angeles, usEdgeBomber
2007/08PongMythos, Kornhaus, Bern, chSUSIPONG
2007/08FILE 07, Sao Paolo, brStickiesWorld 2
2007/06Interactivity, Sibiu, roEdgeBomber
2007/04SusiSolo@Hfg-Karlsruhe, deall works
2006/11PongMythos, museum for communication, Frankfurt/M, deSUSIPONG
2006/10Mine06, Aalborg, dk
2006/10LondonGamesFestival, ArtfulGaming/DanaCenter, London, ukEdgeBomber
2006/9GamesConvention, PongMythos, Leipzig, deSUSIPONG
2006/9LuckyLoft Gallery, Hamburg, de
2006/7Overstolzenhaus(KHM), Cologne, de
2006/7IHK, Karlsruhe, de
2003/7BLACKBOX, Hfg-Karlsruhe, de

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